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Caulk Cartridges to provide value and efficiency

Welcome to Research Plastic Inc.

Research Plastics is one of the leading manufacturers of the plastic tubes that are virtually universal containers of caulking products today.

In addition to the firm’s leading status in the industry, time, money, and labor costs are considered carefully with Research Plastics customers, partners, and clientele in the creation of innovative and effective caulk cartridges to provide value and efficiency.

Research Plastics continues to set the standard for caulk tubes by providing quality, weather resistant cartridges that protect the integrity of the caulk formulation.


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Research Plastics Incorporated

Researched Innovation

Answering the Industry’s needs through research

Quart Cartridge

30oz. / 850mL
Impact and weather resistant / Eliminates on site spoilage / Saves money / Protects better than fiber

Recycled Quart Cartridge

30oz. / 850mL
Reduces waste/ Environmentally friendly

Sausage Nozzle

Redistributes excess caulk from chub packs into a smooth, controlled bead of caulk/ Easy caulk dispensing


Creates efficient pressure for caulk dispensing/Increases ease of use

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